Founded in 1994, Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review was one of the first law journals to use interactive media to promote informed discourse about the interrelated legal, social, business, and public policy issues raised by emerging technologies. As one of the original online law journals in the world, MTTLR is a ground-breaking publication.

MTTLR publishes online and printed volumes, available through subscription. MTTLR is available through Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, and this web site. The Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review's primary purpose is to examine the tensions created by advances in computing, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia, networking, information and other technologies.

Current Editorial Board


Holly K. Victorson

Managing Editor

Micah Siegel Wallace

Executive Article Editor

Michael Z. Spitulnik

Executive Production Editor

James Herr

Executive Note Editor

KeAndra Z. Barlow

Symposium Editor

Zachary Sarnoff

Article Editors

Michael L. Fialkoff
Rex W. Manning
Fermin Miguel Mendez
Daniel K. Yarbrough

Production Editors

Y. Paul Chang
Jackie Cheng
Christopher S. Kendig
Daniel J. Schaffer

Note Editors

Keith M. Lim
Madison Sharko

Contributing Editors

Scott Phillip Bloomberg
Jocelin A. Chang
Justina E. Chen
Ariel Lichtenstein DeAguiar
Nicholas Irish DeCoster
Frances R. Glick
Bhavna Gupta
Justin E. Han
Sean King
Sindhoori Nackeeran
Robert Emil Niemeier
Sean Michael O’Neil
Cory D. Szczepanik
Ryan M. Teel
Benjamin J. Unterreiner

Associate Editors

Lauren Elizabeth Babst
Meera Satya Bhaskar
Melanie Ann Capuano
Andrew S. Chipouras
Lindsey C. Crump
Samuel Nnamdi Edandison
Kristen N. Escher
Ryan L. Frei
Michael J. Gambach
James H. Geiser III
Adam G. Hester
Daniel J. Koblenz
Keith M. Jurek
Charles Chaoxiang Lu
Mark J.McLoughlin
Leanne Elaine Mertzman
Job Thomas Mukkada
Evy Nguyen
Liam Daniel O'Sullivan
Neil R. Patel
Daniel S. Quarfoot
Eric Lee Scharphorn
Adam J. Stefanick
Andrew J. Steiger
Margaret E. Twomey
Alyssa N. Walker
Jessica Esther Zilberberg


Jessica L. Hanes

Editorial Assistants

Catherine T. Leggieri
Barbara I. Vibbert