Microsoft’s Fight for Extraterritorial Data Privacy

In oral arguments today, Microsoft fights to limit the international reach of warrants for private data. The decision could have far-reaching consequences as to data privacy, Cloud computing, foreign relations law and the extraterritoriality of search warrants.

Tinker Toys or Dandy Devices?

Although European antitrust authorities continue to investigate Google’s advertising and bundling practices, the odds of a Microsoft-like agreement increase.

The Future of Net Neutrality

The FCC’s new rule prohibiting internet-service providers (ISP) from slowing down applications or services is being challenged by on multiple fronts.

Twitter and Cyber-bullying

While Twitter has neither a legal obligation to censor its users nor an imposed requirement to protect free speech, its use of anti-harassment tools is commendable.

Big Data and the Fall of Personally Identifiable Information

As Big Data continues to grow in both reach and sophistication, our information economy will start to approach a state in which the definition of Personally Identifiable Information is no longer effective in pursuing its goal of protecting individual rights to privacy.

The Fight for Faster Internet

The current mix of state and federal legislation, coupled with competing FCC regulation, creates a difficult situation for municipalities and ISPs in regards to municipal-sponsored broadband.

The Right to be Forgotten

The Court of Justice of the European Union’s “the right to be forgotten” ruling has spurred debate on the role of search engines in regulating privacy.